Industrial Espionage Oklahoma as well as other business investigations are well within our expertise.


Employment ScreeningIndustrial Espionage Oklahoma All employers want to insure they hire the very best employees possible.  CPI assists employers by researching the history and character of prospective employees or partners.  Our clients choose the program which can include background checks, application accuracy, drug testing, criminal records, credit checks, and reference contacts.
In house InvestigationsIndustrial Espionage Oklahoma If there are theft or embezzlement problems in your company we can help by placing an operative in your organization.  Companies who are planning to downsize may use this method to assure they retain the best employees
Industrial Espionage OklahomaIndustrial Espionage Oklahoma

Industrial Espionage Oklahoma is prevalent in today's competitive society.
We can assure your protection with bug sweeps, surveillance and counter measures.

Injury Fraud Workman's comp is a big expense and the fraudulent claim can be best exposed early into the process before your insurance premiums go up
Mediation Mediation is the best way to settle disputes of all kinds and can be used for any civil dispute without the cost of attorneys

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