Civil Investigation Oklahoma,Civil Court Oklahomawidth=

Civil Investigation Oklahoma,Civil Court Oklahomawidth=Civil Investigation Oklahoma

Civil Court Oklahoma


Civil Law Since the burden of proof is basically a "preponderance of the evidence", a professional private investigation can be the difference in winning or losing a civil case.
Accident Research, documentation and computer reconstruction of accidents for use in court.
Sexual Harassment It is legal to wire and record conversations that one party is aware of.  This is uncontroversial evidence in a sexual harassment lawsuit.
Divorce Fidelity, hidden assets, threats, drug use, etc are all factors that can influence the outcome of a divorce.
Contracts A contract can be verified or nullified with investigative evidence
Torts A wide spectrum of civil lawsuits usually dealing with injury of a person or persons.
Libel and Slander If what has been said or published isn't true call us to help prove it.
Litigious Behavior We uncover litigious behavior in the backgrounds of potential partners, vendors, and clients by searching for lawsuit filings.

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