Surveillance Oklahoma City
Surveillance Oklahoma


Employee SurveillanceSurveillance Oklahoma City, Surveillance Oklahoma Employees can be monitored for drug use on the job or theft activities.  We can do it with cameras, or just hire us for a few days and let us observe what's going on behind your back.  We rarely come out of a business without leaving it better than when we arrived.
Spousal Surveillance Find out once and for all if your spouse is faithful.  This normally is a two day process if you help us set the situation up.  Maybe by taking a trip or providing the information we need to be one step ahead of our subject.
Theft Surveillance Are things disappearing?  No matter what we do in life we cant hold on to things because of thieves.  We can weed them out of your business or neighborhood
Surveillance equipment installed at your location We will install the necessary equipment and advise you on how to use it legally.  Technology allows you to monitor everything including your home from a computer at work as well as a host of other devices we can install and teach you to use.

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